The origin story of our team starts in August 2010 when Steve Zahnd began his career in real estate at your typical big-box brokerage.

Within one year of struggles and stagnation, he realized there had to be a better way, so he connected with some like-minded agents, and left to start a new kind of brokerage.

The Zahnd Team is born

With that The Zahnd Team was started with the primary goal to raise the standard of the real estate industry – not only for the clients it served, but for the agents who worked within it. 

The Team immediately invested in world class Real Estate coaching, training techniques, and marketing assets – creating systems to train brand new agents, and help veterans build authority. A whole new brand was created that represented us, and spoke to the people we wanted to serve.

Houseable is created

Eventually, Steve connected with Matthew Jones, an Expert Technology Advisor, and discussed the issues with the software currently available to the market. Within hours, they decided they would make their own – and with that, Houseable was born.

The team began to design the perfect software to power a real estate business. It had to be easy to use, mobile-friendly, mange the entire business, and give insights to help agents understand their business.

After 3 years of investment into their software the team arrived at a product that powered the Zahnd Team into a multiple 7-figure revenue generating Real Estate Brokerage, created multiple 6-figure agents, and helped brand new agents do 7-figure volume within their first month.

Going to the Cloud

After the success of growing The Zahnd Team brokerage and brand, Houseable decided it was time to offer the same tools, systems, products, and training that helped power The Zahnd Team, to the rest of the real estate world.

Houseable then transformed into a Cloud based Real Estate brokerage, specializing in helping agents who want to build their own brands, by providing everything an agent will need to run a successful, profitable real estate business. 

Raising the standard

The Zahnd Team is still an active real estate team at Houseable, testing new marketing techniques, training methods, and improving Houseable technology, day-in, day-out, seeing what works and what doesn’t.

When you join Houseable, you will be teaming up with a company that is constantly raising the standard for all those who are a part of the community, and helping real estate agents build profitable brands.

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